Extract of Yucca Shidigera and tests of soil impregnation

First of all, it should be noted that the extract has a high content of steroid saponin, which has the characteristic of being a natural surfactant, and when added to the ground, it has the ability to interact with cells in the roots of plants, increasing the absorption of water and nutrients. At the same time, saponins interact with the surrounding microflora, creating a more favorable rhizosphere for the plant.

As a powerful wetting agent, steroid saponin should facilitate the penetration of water and fertilizers, especially in the case of compacted and alkaline soils. The experiment, conducted by Applied Environmental Inc, shows that the time required to impregnate Yucca Shidigera to a completely dry soil sample of 8 cm thickness is less than 9 minutes and is the best result. The closest result is Breakthru, and it lags behind by almost 20%.